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When marketing is a PR disaster

The Times
November 08th 2018

Firms’ PR teams should help with the media scrum, but some make basic errors

Law Firms Uneasy as the Big Four Make Their Big Push in Asia

American Lawyer
August 03rd 2018

The giant accounting firms are rapidly expanding their legal services offerings in key areas of the world's largest continent. Will they wrest valuable work from global law firms?

Why big US law firms are on a UK hiring spree

Financial Times
March 16th 2018

British lawyers are jumping ship — but the magic circle is fighting back

Top firms stand by gender pay carve-out

The Law Society Gazette
February 26th 2018

Top firms have defended their decision to exclude partners from mandatory data on gender pay gaps amid mounting concern that the policy renders reports on many major City employers meaningless.

It’s no big deal

The Times
November 23rd 2017

Fears of protectionism mount as the days of frictionless trade in Europe appear numbered and Donald Trump backs away from deals. But lawyers should not worry, advises Jomati, the consultancy run by the former Clifford Chance managing partner Tony Williams. Its latest report observes a broad trend in regulation towards liberalisation. Nor should trade deals be seen as the bellwether for trade flows. Agreements, it says, “often appear to be reached because they are ‘politically possible rather than economically useful’ ” — although the EU’s track record on making such deals is “poor”.

Legal and accountancy businesses generate £15.5bn for UK Treasury

Financial Times
August 2nd 2017

Legal and accountancy businesses and their workers generated £15.5bn in taxes last year, according to a report that illustrates the scale of the combined sector’s role in the UK economy.

Pound's Brexit Slump Boosts Earnings at Big London Law Firms

July 14th 2017

A year after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, London’s biggest law firms are benefiting from the weaker pound as they hunt for growth overseas.

Consultants Follow Law Firms' Footsteps With Transatlantic Deal

American Lawyer
July 10th 2017

At least some law firms thought it was natural that Florida-based Hildebrandt Consulting and London-based Jomati Consultants would join forces.

UK legal megamerger highlights drive for consolidation

April 30th 2017

CMS, Nabarro and Olswang firms combine to fight off increasing competition

Are we about to see more UK-US law firm mergers?

March 23th 2017

International mergers involving high-flying UK law firms may set the legal pulse racing, but will we witness a new rush to join forces?

Law firm KWM to appoint administrators for European arm

December 22nd 2016

Group ran into problems following pioneering merger that created it three years ago.

Brexit uncertainty likely to weigh on top UK law firms’ profits

October 24th 2016

Vote set to increase pressure on firms already hit by falling profit margins.

Tony Williams—SRA Board

New Law Journal
September 9th 2016

Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Board welcomes new member.

Barclays wins case over loans to law firm partners

June 9th 2016

Barclays has won a High Court lawsuit against a leading US entertainment lawyer relating to the collapse of law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf.

'Running faster to stand still' - why the UK top 50 are struggling to boost the bottom line

Legal Week
September 23rd 2015

In this video, Legal Week editor Georgina Stanley discusses the Legal Week UK Top 50 financial results with former Clifford Chance managing partner Tony Williams, of consultants Jomati.

Elite UK law firms lose market share to US rivals

September 4th 2015

Elite UK law firms are losing market share to their US rivals, which have been expanding aggressively in London on the back of US corporate deals, research shows.

Business of law: Local knowledge gives a lead over foreign rivals

June 10th 2015

If in the past decade the Asia-Pacific region was dominated by UK and US law firms seeking rapid expansion, the past year may have marked a turning point where locally grown companies have finally started to lead the charge in innovative growth.

No vote still leaves some uncertainty for lawyers to profit from

September 19th 2014

There was one professional constituency that was always going to do well whatever the outcome of the vote : lawyers.

Banking Regulation, Deal Work Spur Growth at London Law Firms

July 9th 2014

London’s most successful law firms saw revenue increase in the last year as banking regulation and mergers fueled some of the strongest growth since the 2008 financial crisis.

Elite UK law firms outpace rest of legal market

July 8th 2014

The “magic circle”, the elite cadre of firms with headquarters in London and a large international client base, have reported record rises in revenue for the 2013-14 financial year, with profitability up at least 6 per cent across the board.

When it vereins, it pours

The Economist
May 3rd 2014

The recent wave of giant legal mergers has yet to produce financial rewards.

Tony Williams named on NLJ list of 50 Business of Law Trailblazers & Pioneers

New Law Journal
January 2014

Legal management consultancy, Jomati Consultants LLP, is proud to announce that its Principal, Tony Williams, has been named on the National Law Journal’s (NLJ) inaugural list of 50 Business of Law Trailblazers & Pioneers.

America’s legal industry The case against clones

The Economist
February 2nd 2014

Jacoby & Meyers is trying to win changes to the rules of America’s legal industry. If successful, the suit would allow non-lawyer investors to put money in a law firm.

Interest in ABS conversion is “higher than expected”

New Law Journal
January 18th 2013

Nearly 400 firms have formally expressed interest in converting to alternative business structure (ABS) status in the first year. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) began accepting applications last January—an event likened to the “big bang” in the financial industry in the 1980s.

Queen salutes Enterprise Award winners at Buckingham Palace

City A.M.
November 15th 2012

ENTREPRENEURIAL awards season is upon us again. At the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise at Buckingham Palace earlier this week, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh congratulated representatives of the 209 winners in the palace’s ballroom.

Enterprising bunch

The Times
April 26th 2012

Many congratulations to Jomati Consultants LLP and to Law Business Research, both winners of this year's Queen's Awards for Enterprise.

Law Firms Split Over Nonlawyer Investors

The Wall Street Journal
April 1st 2012

The legal profession's notion that law isn't a commercial enterprise may come as a surprise, since some lawyers now charge more than $1,000 an hour.

NY bar vetoes outside investors in law firms

March 21st 2012

New York-based lawyers have been banned from joining a new breed of law firm that allows external investors in a move that could deal a blow to international firms considering third-party capital.

Psst, wanna buy a law firm?

The Economist
January 2012

Non-lawyers can now own law firms in Britain. Where’s next? LAWYERS have long considered themselves a breed apart: highly educated professionals, not dim-witted businessmen who think a “whereas” is a man who turns into a small member of the horse family when the moon is full. Many countries bar business types from owning even a bit (much less all) of a law firm. But in Britain, that law changed in October.

Allen & Overy leads lawyers’ scramble for Africa

July 2011

“Allen & Overy has become the first of Britain’s so-called “magic circle” law firms to open an office in Africa after launching in Morocco. The London-based firm has pipped to the post its rival, Clifford Chance, in establishing a presence in the north African country after hiring two lawyers from the Casablancan office of French firm Gide Loyrette Nouel...”

Magic circle UK law firms go east

July 2011

“There was a time in the not-too-distant past when law firms were posting profit rises of more than 30 per cent year after year. That would make this year’s results – where the highest growth in profit among the four magic circle firms was 10 per cent at Clifford Chance – look lacklustre...”

Beyond the magic circle

June 2011

“Law firms are pursuing a dual-track strategy of expansion: building their presence in traditional markets such as London and New York but also looking to new markets as clients demand, such as China, Canada, Australia and even Iraq...”

Jomati hires ex-Links global business boss

The Lawyer
April 2011

Former Linklaters global business manager Jenny Jones has joined Jomati Consultants, the legal consultancy fronted by former Clifford Chance managing partner Tony Williams.

Jones worked for seven years at the magic circle firm, where she gained extensive experience in pricing strategies as well as other economic issues with an impact on law firms.

She has also worked as an independent consultant, advising international and domestic firms. The latest hire follows the arrival of head of research Richard Tromans in October 2009.

Creating growth: innovation in law firms as the springboard for recovery

The Law Society
September 2009

Click here to listen to Tony Williams speaking at the 'Legal Breakfast' Law Society discussion.

Top 100 Lawyers

The Times
April 21st 2008

With the legal services market expected to explode over the next decade as restrictions on ownership structures and outside capital are lifted, Tony Williams, the former managing partner at Clifford Chance, is positioned as one of the City’s most sought-after backroom strategists. Williams, 51, set up Jomati Consultants in 2002 to advise law firms on issues such as financing, mergers and risk management.

After graduating from Southampton University, he trained at Turner Garrett & Co in Surrey and joined Coward Chance, as it was, in 1981. A corporate finance specialist, he worked in Hong Kong and Eastern Europe before rising to managing partner in 1997.

He left in 2000 to run the legal practice at Andersen, the consulting firm, and went out on his own once it collapsed after the Enron scandal.

The Lawyer Hall of Fame

The Lawyer
December 2007

Tony Williams was managing partner of Clifford Chance in the second half of the last decade, but he did himself proud with Andersen Legal in the UK from 1999 to 2001. He gave the accountancy-tied firm City credentials, but his real achievement was in a crisis. When Andersen's associated law firm was collapsing after Enron, Williams spent his last remaining months trying to find new homes for his lawyers - all the while with the threat of the Enron litigation over his head and having been abandoned by the Andersen UK management. Williams was one of the few to emerge from the debacle with any credit. Since then he has had a highly influential role behind the scenes as a management consultant to law firms.

BBC Radio 5 Live Weekend Business interview with Jeff Randall

BBC Radio 5 Live

Click here to listen to Tony Williams on Radio 5 Live discussing 'Pressure in the City'.

Edward Fennell - In the City

The Times
July 2006

SOME of us conceal our 50th birthdays but Tony Williams, former highly successful managing partner of Clifford Chance and subsequently boss of the unfortunate Andersen Legal, was fully entitled to revel in his last week.

At a Hollywood-style celebration at his Hampshire spread, Tony brought together friends and colleagues to commemorate a professional and personal landmark. Ranging from his early mentor Michael Slorick, now senior partner at Mackrell Turner Garrett through to Daniel Gowan and David Hertzell, of Davies Arnold Cooper, Dieter Yih, of Mallesons Hong Kong, David Shasha, of Simmons & Simmons, and many others (including a group of ex-Clifford Chancers) there was a full parade of supporters.

Resilience is among Williams’ greatest assets and is typified by his legal management consultancy Jomati, which expands and flourishes. Williams is also, as they say, “giving something back”. The Jomati Foundation directs at least 5% of the consultancy’s annual fee income towards funding deserving law students with “high academic achievement but low financial means” through their legal training. It’s a great initiative. For more information go to

I’m back

The Times
22nd October 2002

Everyone wondered what Tony Williams, the former Andersen Legal worldwide managing partner and partner of Clifford Chance, would do once the dust had settled. Now we know. He is turning his unique experience to good account by setting up a legal management consultancy.

Probably no lawyer alive has experienced such a range of highs and lows, of hiring and letting gos, so he has an enormous palette of skills and insights to draw on. My only reservation is the title of his new agency, which takes the stage under the name Jomati. Ripe for mispronunciation, it is reminiscent of Accenture, the nom-de-guerre for Andersen’s former management consultants. Ex-Andersenians clearly have a penchant for the bizarre in the name game. Maybe it was something they put in their latte.

Life after Andersen

21st October 2002

There is life after Andersen Legal. Tony Williams, the former Andersen Legal worldwide managing partner, and ex-managing partner of Clifford Chance, has announced that he is setting up his own legal management consultancy.

The venture is to be called Jomati, and “aims to provide firms with practical advice on planning, developing, testing and implementing their overall business strategies”. The new consultancy will be London- based, but intends to operate on an international basis.