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The Jomati Foundation, established in 2004, is a registered charity (Charity No. 1107524). It is primarily funded by Jomati Consultants LLP which has undertaken to donate 5% of its fee income to the Jomati Foundation each year.

The Jomati Foundation is a relatively small charity focussing primarily on legal education and access to justice projects, providing direct bursaries to law students and a range of charities and other organisations involved in legal education. The Jomati Foundation also fund a range of charities focussing on access to justice issues both in the UK and internationally. In relation to donations to charities The Jomati Foundation often provides “seed corn” donations to start particular projects and to attract larger funders.

Recent examples of The Jomati Foundation donations are set out below:


Since 2012 The Jomati Foundation has granted 14 bursaries to students to assist in their post graduate legal education and undergraduate law degrees. The bursaries are intended to assist students of high academic ability but limited financial means to complete their legal studies, to qualify as solicitors or barristers and to realise their full potential. The amount of any individual bursary is usually capped at £5,000.



The Jomati Foundation as donated to LegaCare a pioneering charity based in the North East of England whose aim is to provide peace of mind, dignity and quality of life to people diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by the provision of free legal services to those in need.


Personal Support Unit

The Jomati Foundation donated to the Personal Support Unit. PSU aim to help the disadvantaged facing the civil and family justice system without a lawyer, enabling them to access justice.



The Jomati Foundation donated to LAG. Legal Action Group (LAG) is a national charity committed to improving access to justice. LAG promotes equal access to justice as a fundamental democratic right.

Coram Children’s Legal Centre

The Jomati Foundation donated to Coram Children’s LC. Coram Children’s Legal Centre, part of the Coram group of charities, promotes and protects the rights of children in the UK and internationally in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


University of Southampton

The Jomati Foundation has provided multiyear funding to the University of Southampton's Innocence Project which centres upon the study of wrongful criminal convictions and provides undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to participate in real life pro bono legal work.

Citizenship Foundation – Mock Trials 2015/15

The Jomati Foundation has provided the Citizenship Foundation with funding towards the Mock Trials 2015-16 event. The Magistrates Court Mock Trial Competition has become an annual celebration of co-operation between the legal profession and the education sector. It draws over 4,700 young people into a positive first contact with the criminal justice system.


Centre for Human Rights Education

The Jomati Foundation provided funding to the Centre for Human Rights Education to help promote and protect human rights by assisting vulnerable and marginalised people in Malawi to access to justice through civic education, advocacy, legal advice and assistance.

Y Care International

The Jomati Foundation provided a grant to Y Care International to assist its project in Togo providing access to justice to disadvantaged and marginalised young people. Y Care International work with YMCAs and youth organisations around the world, to help them enrich the lives of young people and to build a more just world, free from poverty.

St Peters School

The Jomati Foundation assisted with the funding for students from St Peters School in Bournemouth to attend the Empire Mock Trials Competition in New York in 2014, the team from St Peters being the only UK representative. The Empire Mock Trial Competition is a highly competitive international mock trial tournament held annually the purpose of which is three fold:

  1. to educate students on the proper way to analyse fact patterns and to effectively present legal arguments through the Academy;
  2. to provide a venue for students to hone those skills against like-minded, talented, ambitious students from different parts of the world and
  3. to promote values such as friendship, respect and civility within the legal profession.
The Team from St Peters came first beating teams from all the other countries involved.

The Karuna Trust

The Jomati Foundation provided funding to The Karuna Trust to fund work with the HRLN collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the law to advance human rights in India. HRLN collaborates with human rights groups and grass-roots movements to enforce the rights of poor marginalised people and to challenge oppression, exploitation and discrimination in all its forms.


Fair Trials International

The Jomati Foundation has provided multiyear funding to Fair Trials International to assist with their three year programme to expand the organisations reach and impact. Fair Trials International is a human rights organisation that works to improve respect of the fundamental human right to a fair trial.

Ultimate Law Guide

The Jomati Foundation provided a grant to Ultimate Law Guide whose aim is to help junior lawyers and law students to direct their path and succeed in their legal career journey by providing practical career advice, and smart learning resources to enable students and trainee lawyers to secure and prepare for training contracts, and transition effectively and excel in legal practice.

BLD Foundation

The Jomati Foundation has provided the BLD Foundation with multiyear funding to assist in the advancement and education among Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


The Jomati Foundation has provided multiyear funding to Protimos. Protimos is committed to the development of a regional advisory resource in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its purpose is to support local judiciaries and the provision of justice to indigenous and marginalised communities.

Applications for assistance should, in the first instance, be sent to one of our trustees:

Vicky Ford by email at

Donations to the Jomati Foundation are gratefully received. If you wish to donate using the gift aid scheme please use the form attached.