Jomati Consultants

Jomati Foundation

As I am retiring as a consultant, we are closing down The Jomati Foundation a UK registered charity which was predominantly funded by Jomati Consultants.

I am delighted that The Jomati Foundation has funded 41 bursaries for students with the ability but not the means to pursue a legal education. The Jomati Foundation has also funded a range of legal education and access to justice projects including the Young Citizens Magistrates Mock Trial Competition, Reprieve, Prisoners of Conscience, Appeal, The Access to Justice Foundation, Support Through Court, Access to Justice Clinic at the School of Law University of Surrey, IBA Support Ukraine Appeal, Sky Project Bristol, Refugee Legal Support and the Housing Law Clinic at Southampton University. In addition, it has funded Autism Forward, Crisis and Centrepoint.

The clients of Jomati Consultants enabled that funding to be made available and I am grateful to them for their support.

I hope that, as encouraged by the Charities Aid Foundation, more firms in the legal sector will commit to donating 1% of their profits to charitable causes. Hopefully, they will realise that this is part of their social contract and appreciate that if effectively targeted their contributions can have a major impact upon the diversity of those obtaining legal professional qualifications and access to justice, generally.